2018-2019 Roster

#10  Joe Niewser

CanAm Cartel · Right Wing

Captain of the Cartel since inception, Niewser is its unquestioned leader on the ice and off. His game is highlighted by elite face-off talent, timely playmaking, and a good sense of defensive responsibility, as well as his unique vernacular for calling out face-off wins.

Primarily a center, Niewser has also proven to be a skilled defenseman when called upon.

#9  Mike Collins

CanAm Cartel · Center

Collins was the last of the Cartel to pick up the sport, learning the game first from the left defense position, before spending most of his career between the pipes. More recently, he has spent time at right wing attempting to emulate Filip Forsberg's "twisted wrister."

Lacking in high-end puck skill, he relies on a strong wrist shot, net front play, and the mental aspect of the game to create scoring chances.

#76  Gary Guzman

CanAm Cartel · Left Wing

Guzman is one of the more versatile players on the Cartel, switching between either wing and defensive positions with relative ease.

His offensive style is that of a high-volume shooter mixed with punishing physical play. Best known for his catchphrase, "That's how you do it" when pulling off an impressive play.

#79  Dan Soffer

CanAm Cartel · Left Wing

Soffer spent a good portion of his early career as a responsible two-way center before plying his trade as a sniper on left wing.

Playing on his offhand allows for an impressive one-time shot, as well as a deceptively overpowered backhand, but his goal scoring is at times overshadowed by his unorthodox looks and commitment to colored face visors.

#13  Mike Mitchell

CanAm Cartel · Right Defense

Another hybrid forward and defenseman, Mitchell brings as much offense from the back end as at left wing through a mix of accurate wrist shots and silky smooth hands.

Possessing an uncanny ability to hang on to the puck in traffic, his teammates have come up with the term "bagsing" as an homage to his skill.

#15  Michel Lalonde

CanAm Cartel · Left Wing

A big-bodied left winger, Lalonde has yet to find an inopportune time to show off his patented spinorama. He uses his size to create space in the slot and freeze opponents before unleashing unpredictable shots and passes to his teammates.

His nicknames are notorious around the locker room. Responding only to "Norris Mac" on defense, he has unique monikers depending on his position and role in a given game.

#39  Adam Sroslak

CanAm Cartel · Right Defense

Sroslak is a storied member of the Cartel, dating back to its previous incarnation as Rag Tag Warriors, where he was a founding member and star goalie.

Through the years, he has experimented with defense, offense, and certain European tendencies. His play is characterized by a mild-mannered, yet intense, determination often found in the truest Canadians.

#11  Joe Tropp

CanAm Cartel · Left Defense

Tropp's story with the Cartel begins as a long-time fan, having followed the team for multiple seasons from the stands. Tired of simply second-guessing the team's on ice decisions, as well as questioning Niewser's heart, he joined the team as a defenseman and center.

His defensive game is highlighted by his signature hippies, which he deploys in all zones, as well as deft touch with the swat.